What does HOTEP mean?


     Hotep to all. That would be the only proper way to start this blog post since the Kemetic(Egyptian) term Hotep is actually a phrase that is often used as a greeting or salutation . Hotep has no direct translation into the American English language but can be roughly translated to meaning peace, satisfied or at ease. 

Hotep also carries a spiritual connotation Granting Blessings of Divine Peace and the Creator's Favor. Many Pharaohs during ancient Egyptian times used Hotep in their names as they found themselves at peace and satisfied living their lives in Maat( I will discuss this in another blog). I first discovered the word Hotep while reading a book passed down to me by my Uncle titled "The Teachings of PtahHotep; The Oldest Book in the World". This book is probably one of the shortest books I have ever read as an adult but was filled with the most powerful quotes I have ever read also. These teachings of Ptahhotep did not only give me the knowledge of how to treat and deal with other people in all situations, but it gave me a full understanding of the word Hotep. This is when I became fully at peace within myself, contentful and satisfied with my life. The Negash Hotep boots were designed with the inspiration to continue spreading this peaceful energy known as Hotep around the world


Check out the link, pics and videos below for further references of Hotep and The teachings of PtahHotep............HOTEP!


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  • Rocklin Jackson
Comments 6
  • Sleep SpaCely
    Sleep SpaCely

    Hotep, love the fashion and art. By the sight of the sold out shoes everything is looking on the up. Only problem for me is that my feet type small so my size ain’t on here. Lol Im with the kids waiting size 6.5/7. That denim blue kiccz need to re release too them joints tough. Other than that shout out to yall & yall work. Waiting to stomp thru Brooklyn with themy denim blue joints if they drop again or any other one at that. Once my size drop, E z

  • GoldRose

    Can we get some black models bro?

  • fred

    I came to this site with the sole purpose of purchasing something. I liked the brown boots,but they are sold out. This is ok because it seems like you are doing a great job, but at least let the future customer know when they will be available. I hope you will email me when you have new stock.

  • Irene Ford
    Irene Ford

    It’s frustrating when you go on a site solely to support a black owned business and everything is sold out. I mean its great that business must be going well but you should at least maybe put a notation of when people can begin purchasing things again.

  • Quinice Marshall
    Quinice Marshall

    My name is Quinice Marshall. I first want to say Ive very proud of what your doing. Love the styles and looks. Just one suggestion. I noticed that the stock models in the apparel sections are white. Most of the people that are sharing your site info are black and Im sure would relate more to seeing people like themselves in the clothing. We see more than enough models that don’t represent us. Other than that. I loved everything about it. Im from Flint MI, so seeing the Detroit shirt got me super pumped. Congrats!!!

  • Toria

    How can I order the boot or go buy the red boots.?

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