Negash visits Timbuktu Academy

     About two weeks ago we were invited to the coolest school in the city of Detroit. Timbuktu Academy which is located on Detroit's east side and can only be described as a hidden gem of Detroit. This school wowed my eyes from the moment we walked in. The very first thing we saw was the Pharaoh's sarcophagus across from the main office upon entering the school. Continuing our tour of the school we found the hallways and classroom walls served as galleries of African art and historic knowledge left by the ancestors. The tour of this school really touched my heart and widened my third eye to see new inspirations to aspire. 

     I instantly put that inspiration into action as we sat down with the 6th, 7th and 8th graders of Timbuktu. This very enlighten bunch of children took an instant interest in our footwear as we introduced them to the brand Negash. As I talked about my childhood and entrepreneurial experiences growing up in Detroit, I could hear comments and compliments about our footwear spread across the room in mumbles and whispers. Which at that moment prompted me to ask a question and learn that I was sitting among many future entrepreneurs with new aspirations.

 After explaining the importance of Black economics and the opening of businesses in their communities among other topics we had the opportunity to reward 2 very intelligent students with a pair of shoes.

 Jarreau and StudentJarreau and Student

The students at Timbuktu were a pleasure to speak with and very respectful. We look forward to speaking with them again in the future and even working with some of them. Big thanks to all of the Timbuktu Staff and Students for being such great host. Also Big Thanks and Shout Out to New Era Detroit for the invite. 

Roclin Selfie with Students

October 14, 2015


Malik Shabazz

Malik Shabazz said:

This is a great thang


Aby said:

Negash is soo essential to the community and the future generation. This is remarkable to hear there is a school out here that provides truth. Thank you for this

r scott

r scott said:

Timbuktu in Detroit, that’s amazing. It does me well to see that. I will have to go visit the students myself.

Hassan Shabazz

Hassan Shabazz said:

Black power Brothers! Thank you for your interest in black youth and education and for making a product black people will be proud of. I hope you come out with a Negash sneaker, make more styles and colors at an affordable price though the $250 boot is not bad considering competition and the challenges of black businessmen.

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