Green Negash Hotep 3.0 (Very Limited) King Of Kush Edition

Green Negash Hotep 3.0 (Very Limited) King Of Kush Edition



Shoes run 1/2 Size Big.


Inspired by The Kushite Kings who ruled Kemet


The Kushites were a civilization centered in the North African region of Nubia, which is now considered to be northern Sudan. As one of the earliest civilizations to develop in the nile river valley. The Kushite states rose to power before a time of Egyptian incursion into the area that was established by an Egyptian dynasty in 775 B.C.E ruling until 653. These Pharaohs have also been known to be called the 'Black Pharaohs', or the 'Ethiopian Pharaohs' of Egypt.

Kushite Pharaohs

  The Kings of Kush were very wise and powerful men, their primary objective was to return Egypt to its former state of glory. The Kushite Pharaohs seen a very important need to restore and build many new sacred monuments in both Egypt and Nubia as well.  

  The Kushite King KASHTA arrived in Egypt amid much political disarray to claim the throne as Pharaoh. KASHTA was the first Nubian line of kings to rule as Pharaoh in the Egyptian 25th dynasty between (747-656 BC). The Kushite Kings who ruled in the 25th dynasty had a strong love of fashion, for these Kings styled themselves as Pharaohs. Their typical royal dress, included fancy jewelry accompanied by an Egyptian kilt and belt along with a two strap leather sandal for footwear. The Kushite Kings also wore a very distinct Nubian regalia, which included a necklace with a rams head pendant. This rams head pendant was associated with the God Amun, particularly in Nubia, where Amun was especially revered by his worshipers.      

  With our limited edition "King of Kush" Hotep 3.0 Boots. We pay great honor and respect to the Pharaohs of ancient Kemet. Hotep!

For half sizes, go up to the next whole size. 9.5 = 10

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Kelvin Heru said:

Yall should make jogger sweatpants

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Dominic Whitty said:

yeah a velour outfit with the same color of the shoes would be fly with this

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