(All Red) Negash Hotep 3.0 Very Limited Deshret Edition


(All Red) Negash Hotep 3.0 VERY Limited Deshret Edition

Shoes run 1/2 Size Big.



Inspired by The Deshret Crown of Ancient Kemet 


The Ancient Kemet name for the color RED is (Deshret) this is why we find it to be fitting that we name our newest Hotep boot "The Deshret Crown Hotep Edition." The further back in history we have searched, history has showed that the color Red represented many great things. The color Red for example represents (Life) meaning the blood which flows through our veins. The ancient Egyptians deemed the color Red to be a very powerful color, for the color Red also invoked the protective powers of the blood of Isis as well. The color Red also represents (Fire) which is a natural element of the earth and (Victory) which is the achievement of mastery or success in a struggle or endeavor against any difficulties we may face in life. Another interesting discovery we made is the connection between the Deshret crown of lower Kemet and the ancient color Red. Here in the next paragraph we shall discuss more about the importance of the Deshret Crown in detail.


  The Deshret was the formal name for the Red Crown, this crown has been associated with the Pharaohs of lower Kemet and with the desert Red Land which resides on both sides of ancient Kemet, this land has a very fertile Nile basin and the domain of the tutelary goddess Wadjet. The Deshret Crown in the Egyptian hieroglyphs language eventually was used as the vertical letter N. The Deshret Crown of lower Kemet has a very distinctive high crest at the back, along with a rigid line that angles upwards towards the front. Sometimes this line is curled at the end representing the serpents head or the uraeus symbol. 


  The All Deshret Crown Hotep 3.0 Edition is made with Premium leather consisting of a suede tongue and suede collar with patent leather rear and waterproof mesh. They will feature the Hieroglyphics on the strap like the 2.0 edition. This edition will also include a customized sole embedded with Deshret Crowns at the bottom leaving royal tracks in the snow or sand. This Edition focuses on comfortableness as we widen the toe area just a little to support those with wider feet.

For half sizes, go up to the next whole size. 9.5 = 10

Get your Hotep ALL Red today!


March 15, 2016


Abdul Quadir

Abdul Quadir said:

Peace when will these be available

Abdul Quadir

Abdul Quadir said:

Peace when will these be available


Jay said:

How can I order the all red Hotep in a size 7?

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