Black & Gold Ma'at Sneakers (Pre Order)



Black & Gold Ma'at Sneakers (Ships out August 2016)

Inspired by the Goddess Ma'at

Maat, also known as Ma’at or Mayet, was a female goddess in the ancient Egyptian religion who represented truth, justice, balance and morality.The daughter of the Egyptian sun deity Ra and wife of the moon god Thoth, she served a kind of spirit of justice to the Egyptians.She decided whether a person would successfully reach the afterlife, by weighing their soul against her feather of truth, and was the personification of the cosmic order and a representation of the stability of the universe. The earliest writings where she is mentioned date back to the Old Kingdom of Egypt more than 2,300 years ago.

 The hieroglyph for gold represents a golden collar with beads on its lower edge and hanging ends. This was considered by the ancient Egyptians to be a divine and indestructible metal. It was associated with the brilliance of the sun. The sun god Rewas called "the mountain of gold" and during the Old Kingdom, the Pharaoh was called "the Golden Horus. The skin of the deities was believed to be golden. The royal tomb was called the "House of Gold" during the New Kingdom and Isis and Nephthys were often depicted on the ends of sarcophagi kneeling on the hieroglyph meaning "gold".

 With the release of our new Ma'at sneaker we paid close attention to the design detail of the shoe. We have made history with the placement of the golden ankhs on both sides of the sneaker. Located on the back of the sneaker are golden wings which represents the golden wings of Ma'at. Around the collar of the collar and along side the sneaker you will find a embossed snake print leather. Lastly our sneaker would not be complete without our signature suede leather surrounding the sneaker.

For half sizes, go up to the next whole size. 7.5 = 8

Get your Black & Gold Ma'at Sneakers today!



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  • Avery Norris
Comments 4
  • N. Collins
    N. Collins

    What the difference between Negash and Nagast clothing and shoe Company?

  • LaRhonda

    Love the product . Let me know when the Summer collection hit , my little one and I are ready to support! Fans like free stuff too ????

  • Neil Wilson
    Neil Wilson

    Hi, just had a question….I found your products on …
    I wanted to know how easy it was to put your own logo on the products…


  • InnerGy

    Love these!

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