The Ancient Kemet name for the color RED is (Deshret). This is why we find it to be fitting that we name our newest sneaker "The All Red Negash Wesir Sneakers". The further back in history we have searched, history has showed that the color Red represented many great things. The color Red for example represents (Life), meaning the blood which flows through our veins. The ancient Egyptians deemed the color Red to be a very powerful color, for the color Red also invoked the protective powers of the blood of Isis. (Fire) which is a natural element of the earth, (Victory) which is the achievement of mastery or success in a struggle or endeavor against any difficulties we may face in life. All of these powerful statements  are all represented by the color red.

Wesir (Osiris) is one of the most important of the Netjeru (gods), and King of the Duat (underworld). The Wesir mythology is some of the most complex of the Egyptian beliefs. His various attributes and stories accrued over time as his cult gained in popularity and universality. His name means "the place of the eye" and from early times was a chthonic deity, also symbolizing fertility. He is usually portrayed mummiform, his hands free of wrappings and holding the crook and flail and wearing the atef crown.

The Wesir shoe is made with all leather on the rubber signature Negash sole embedded with Deshret crowns. It also features Gold Embossed Hieroglyphics on the side of the shoe and tongue. Our Wesir sneaker also comes in two exclusive colors Red and Blue.




September 07, 2016

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