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Negash ™ Leather Heru Snap-Back

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Wear your crown with style.
  • PU Leather
  • Structured Fit
  • Flat Bill
  • Snapback
  • Zinc Metal
  • One Size Fits All

Heru (Har-wer, Haroeris, Horus the Elder) was one of the oldest gods of Ancient Kemet/Egypt. He was a sky god, whose face was visualized as the face of the sun. As a result his name ("Heru") was sometimes translated as "face", rather than "distant one", and was sometimes modified to "Herut" ("sky"). He absorbed a number of local gods including Nekheny the Nekhenite (a hawk god) and Wer (a god of light known as "the great one" whose eyes were the sun and moon) to become the patron of Nekhen (Heirakonpolis) and later the patron god of the pharaohs.