Amun Ra Sneaker

Amun Ra Sneaker

Amun Ra Black & Gold (Limited Edition) Negash Sneaker

Amun Ra was the Sun God of ancient Kemet. I always liked the sound of this name: Amun Ra, the King of Gods and God of Kings. The pharaohs private deity. The "Lord to the Limit" who created all things. Amun was one of the most powerful gods in Ancient Kemet. At the height of Kemet civilization he was called the 'King of the Gods'. Amun was important throughout the history of ancient Egypt. However, when Amun was combined with the sun god Ra he was even more powerful. He was then called Amun-Ra.

The hieroglyph for gold represents a golden collar with beads on its lower edge and hanging ends. This was considered by the ancient Egyptians to be a divine and indestructible metal. It was associated with the brilliance of the sun. The sun god Re was called "the mountain of gold" and during the Old Kingdom, the Pharaoh was called "the Golden Horus. The skin of the deities was believed to be golden. The royal tomb was called the "House of Gold" during the New Kingdom and Isis and Nephthys were often depicted on the ends of sarcophagi kneeling on the hieroglyph meaning "gold".

 The Egyptians associated black with fertility and resurrection because much of their agriculture was dependent on the rich dark silt deposited on the river banks by the Nile during the inundation, When used to represent resurrection, black and green were interchangeable. As a result, the gods Osiris and Geb were depicted with Black or green skin to emphasize their connection with fertility.  

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  • Rocklin Jackson