Negash Hotep 4.0 Camouflage Edition Inspired By My Father!

Negash Hotep 4.0 Camouflage Edition Inspired By My Father!
     I was asked several times why would Negash put camouflage material on a shoe named Hotep which means Peace so I decided to write a blog about it.
The camouflage Edition Hotep 4.0 was actually inspired by the story of my father. My father who was once a US soldier is now serving a Life sentence inside a Michigan Correctional Facility and has been since I was the age of 2 years old. Despite being incarcerated my Father learned to camouflage the inner warrior in him and became at Peace! He managed to suppress his natural warrior instincts and promoted peace within the prison system as he vowed to set an example to me of what a man should be and do although his surroundings were the exact opposite.
     For the last 33 years my father and I have shared a very closely acquainted relationship despite him being incarcerated. Even closer than some of my friends whose fathers are not incarcerated. My father made a way to be a father and a great father at that in a situation where most men actually stop fulfilling their parental duties. My father made it his duty that I always had new reading materials every month about black entrepreneurs, inventors, Kings and Queens.
     He also made sure I had new shoes for school that he was allowed to order from Eastbay with money he earned from working and that’s where my love for shoes came from.  He would send me the most unique sneakers in the catalog he could find. He always told me that I was unique and my shoes should match my character. This encouraged me to always stand out and wear the opposite of what was popular or trendy amongst my classmates and pretty much the reason I started the Negash Brand to provide an alternative to those who are different or unique.
     I won’t go into details of his case or the crime he allegedly committed but I will say he deserves to be free now. He has paid his debt to society ten-fold and I can’t wait for the day that we are reunited on this side of the fence.
Peace & Love! 
Rocklin-Negash CEO


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