Pre Orders & Limited Editions

Pre-Orders Program

This program allows us to offer soon to be released product to our customers before the product is scheduled for release. After your purchase we will put your order information in that product(s) waiting list tray for fulfillment. As soon as the product is ready for release, customers in the waiting list will be the first to receive the product(s). The Pre-order program also helps us to determine the quantity we should make in the first shipment, we usually make small quantity orders for the new products in first shipment to see how the market reacts to the product, then determine the quantity for second shipment unless it is a Limited Edition (See Below). So if the quantity in the first shipment is sold out within the pre-order customers, we have to wait to release that product with next shipment. Customers will be notified about how much time they have to wait for the Pre-Order product(s) they have ordered. The normal wait time is 4-8 weeks but can be longer in some cases. Any monies paid by customers for the Pre-order product(s) are non-refundable.

Limited Editions

Limited editions are products that we create in very small batches that  may or may not be tagged with a # of # so that each one will be more valuable in the Future.