Negash ™ Black & Gold (Limited Edition) Ptah Sneaker

$165.00 $50.00

Create in style and comfort!

  • Suede upper
  • Rubber sole
  • For half sizes just go up one size. 9.5=10

"Creator" Great Name of Netjer of Mennefer (G/R Memphis), the capital of the dual Kemetic state for most of its history, Ptah is depicted as a mummified man wearing a skullcap and bearing the symbols of life, power and stability (ankh, was, djed) in his unfettered arms, standing on the plinth which is part of Ma'at's hieroglyphic name and was used as a straightedge by stonemasons and architects. Ptah is sometimes seen as an abstract form of the Self-Created One, Who effected creation through the actions of His heart (identified with Her-wer) and His tongue (identified with Djehuty), and Who "set all the Netjeru in their places and gave all things the breath of life."