Deadly Consequences


Author: Camesha Dernita

ISBN: 1683945565

Number Of Pages: 156

Publisher: America Star Books

Details: The streets were the only thing Mal ever cared about until he found Mel his wife. Instantly she changed his mind about life, and for the first time he wanted something different. But after finding his wife slaughtered and his son missing, the killer in Mal reemerges and his actions land him in prison. Mal was completely defeated until he found out his son was indeed still alive. His main goal is to keep his son from living the life he did growing up. Mal entrusts his two long term friends to watch after Jr., but the task is not as easy as it seems. Jr. has his own plans for his life. Mal tries everything in his power to keep Jr. from ending up in prison or worse death. Will this father be able to complete the ultimate task, and raise his child from behind bars?