Negash ™ Navy Wesir Sneakers (Youth)

$100.00 $55.00

Walk in the essence of a Deity!

  • Leather upper
  • Rubber sole
  • For half sizes just go up one size. 9.5=10

Wesir was primarily a fertility deity of both the land and the people. He represented the very essence of the fertile Nile Valley and the bounty it yielded after every inundation, which brought nutrient-rich black soil to the desert hence Wesir's association with the black and His title "Lord of the Black Land."Wesir was the third ruler of Kemet having inherited the throne from His Father, Geb, who had inherited the throne from His Father, Ra. Being the wise, kind and fair ruler He was, Wesir was considered the quintessential King, who brought agriculture and irrigation to His people. Indeed, so wise and beloved was Wesir that it is said that the people lived happily and in peace throughout the entirety of His reign up until his death by drowning in the early myths and then, murder by His jealous Brother, Set, in later myths.