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Negash ™ Turquoise Kids Tut Sneakers

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Fashionable and still ready for afternoon recess.

  • Canvas Upper
  • Rubber Outsole
  • Embroidered Logo
  • For half sizes just go up one size. 9.5=10

In Egyptian, the name Tut means - strong, courageous.Tut was also the name of the youngest Pharaoh to every rule Egypt. Tutankhamun, or better known as King Tut, is an 18th dynasty pharaoh who inherited the throne at a young age of 9 or 10. His reign was short-lived and upon his death he quickly faded into the sands of Egypt. Once forgotten, King Tut now remains one of Egypt’s grandest icons. He continues to hold the world’s fascination and yet he still continues to puzzle the world’s leading experts. So many stories surround this pharaoh that at times it can be daunting.