Negash Hotep 4.0 Camouflage Edition Inspired By My Father!

Negash Hotep 4.0 Camouflage Edition Inspired By My Father!
     I was asked several times why would Negash put camouflage material on a shoe named Hotep which means Peace so I decided to write a blog about it.
The camouflage Edition Hotep 4.0 was actually inspired by the story of my father. My father who was once a US soldier is now serving a Life sentence inside a Michigan Correctional Facility and has been since I was the age of 2 years old. Despite being incarcerated my Father learned to camouflage the inner warrior in him and became at Peace! He managed to suppress his natural warrior instincts and promoted peace within the prison system as he vowed to set an example to me of what a man should be and do although his surroundings were the exact opposite.
     For the last 33 years my father and I have shared a very closely acquainted relationship despite him being incarcerated. Even closer than some of my friends whose fathers are not incarcerated. My father made a way to be a father and a great father at that in a situation where most men actually stop fulfilling their parental duties. My father made it his duty that I always had new reading materials every month about black entrepreneurs, inventors, Kings and Queens.
     He also made sure I had new shoes for school that he was allowed to order from Eastbay with money he earned from working and that’s where my love for shoes came from.  He would send me the most unique sneakers in the catalog he could find. He always told me that I was unique and my shoes should match my character. This encouraged me to always stand out and wear the opposite of what was popular or trendy amongst my classmates and pretty much the reason I started the Negash Brand to provide an alternative to those who are different or unique.
     I won’t go into details of his case or the crime he allegedly committed but I will say he deserves to be free now. He has paid his debt to society ten-fold and I can’t wait for the day that we are reunited on this side of the fence.
Peace & Love! 
Rocklin-Negash CEO


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  • Rocklin Jackson
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  • Ison

    I am inspired by the brand and the story. I have bought several item from the site. My only criticism is that when I return to purchase additional items, the inventory is already depleted.

  • Emily

    Sending gratitude to your and your father for sharing a peace of yourselves. Hotep!!

  • Ye cart
    Ye cart

    Just three words I love you…

  • Jeanine

    Reading this blog further solidified my support for you Rocklin! Gratitude to you for sharing yourself and the story behind the design of your new released Hoteps, it is not easy to be transparent about personal life experiences in connection to business. Negash is one of the few black own businesses that I feel exemplifies excellence in customer service to our people. I have been a long time supporter of Negash and will continue my support because of this story. It is inspiring to know that your father did not let incarceration inhibit his ability to support you and be there for you. Many blessings to you and your father reuniting in the future!

  • Mel206

    Even without the story your brand is unique and dope because it’s not cliché! A real sneaker head can appreciate being in public without everyone with the same kicks! The story definitely adds to the genuine meaning of your brand which makes it relateable to consumer’s while providing quality products. Amazing! I can’t wait to make my first order!

  • Sandra Cottman
    Sandra Cottman

    Every once in awhile we get to hear the story of someone inspired, under the most difficult circumstances, to rise above normal expectations which inspires us to look for our greater selves as they have. Yours is one such story. Thank you for giving us a peek into what motivated you to start Negash, food for the soul to your customers and followers who all need to be inspired.

  • Imhotep's mom
    Imhotep's mom

    Just placed my order as I said I would 10603 Salute, Peace, be back soon

  • Imhotep's mom
    Imhotep's mom

    Peace and Blessings Soldiers Of Peace… Amazing Dad LFLS my young Negus, just out grew his red Hotep hoodie will certainly be ordering again… may that fence open up tomorrow and physically FREE THE BROTHER SGT PEACE WARRIOR

  • Sean

    Damn bro, now this is deep… luck on the continued success!

  • Ariel

    Amazing and inspiring story!!!!

  • Rob Burgess
    Rob Burgess

    Beautiful testament. Men being great despite circumstances. Continued blessings and success in all you do, brother! Peace & love! Ase!

  • Candace Buford
    Candace Buford

    Your story was so inspirational and honest. Continue to thrive for Greatness!

  • Shaii

    The word hotep caught my eye but your story captured my heart. You are the dream and the warrior! Blessings to you ans your Dad…. Love and light…

  • Ci Aundria
    Ci Aundria

    Beautiful example of redemption. Thanks for sharing. Peace

  • Brandon Walker
    Brandon Walker

    Dam bruh, that just really hit me hard. Thanks for sharing that, some of us brothers on the outside need some motivation that has nothing to do with money,jewels,cars ect. I will be purchasing somethings from the website to show support, and I’ll make sure I share your website to put more of our ppl on to your product. You and Dad continue to be strong Kings! There are lot of brothers and sisters need folks like you. Peace family.

  • Stephiny

    Reading this story takes me to the old saying “ Iron sharpens Iron” a wonderful story 👍🏾

  • Queen Roxxanne
    Queen Roxxanne

    This is such an inspirational story! For entrepreneurs, for those who may be incarcerated, and for their loved ones as well. I love this brand for the quality and representation and that love just got a bit deeper thanks to this story. Wow. Thank you so much for sharing!!

  • Jerry

    Thanks for sharing the story family! Much success to you and your brand. Also well wishes when your father gets out! Hotep and Islam!

  • Tori

    Having a father incarcerated through childhood and for most of my adult life til present.. your story touches me deeply. Much love to you and your father.

  • ShaQuana

    Peace and love King!
    This story inspired me to b closer with me farther!!!
    Keep doing your thing and making us and your family proud.

  • JAMILa Jarris
    JAMILa Jarris

    Wow, amazing story. It brings tears to my eyes. What an amazing tribute to.your father. I’ll be ordering soon. Peace and Blessings to you and your pops.

  • Daniel

    Peace and power to my people of color. Within our hearts from our own flesh and blood and making it happen while believing it is an honor to see an amazing accomplishment. I will share indeed. . I admire your style style and craftsmanship.

    Blessings my brother

  • Victor Soders
    Victor Soders

    Wow, bro, just wow

  • LaEl Wilkins
    LaEl Wilkins

    You father is and always will be a great man like yourself. I love the mission for this company and will do my best to contribute to the movement! I always show my son “This is us this is family we wear our own as much as we can”… One love and spirit.
    -Queen mother “EL” Asé

  • Valencia

    Absolutely amazing this blog should help a lot of incarcerated fathers know that they can still be an active parent. No excuses your father rocks .

  • Jade

    Well now I love my shoes even more. What a great way to honor your father. Much respect and I can’t wait to see what’s next for Negash.

  • B-More

    Peace & power! What a story! 😍😊 Salute to you and your father 🙏🏿✊🏿 Awesome products and quality… We love everything we’ve purchased!

  • Taurean

    This how you honor your family. I dig it. It is clever and different. Negash came once again with some new. I know it more to come from the great company. #teamnegash

  • CEO Loki
    CEO Loki

    Thanks for sharing your story with us. We now know where that drive to succeed and entrepreneurial spirit comes from. Your product is unique and can stand next to any shoe or sneaker on the market. Thanks for designing Negash for us!

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