Negash Hotep 4.0 Camouflage Edition Inspired By My Father!

Negash Hotep 4.0 Camouflage Edition Inspired By My Father! 29

Hotep 4.0 Camouflage Edition Inspired by MY Dad.

Walk Fashion Show 2016 Featuring Negash 0

 May 22, 2016 marked an historic day for the Negash brand. Our line which was featured in this years Walk Fashion Show left our entire audience captivated. This spectacular fashion show was held in shed 3 at Eastern market here in Detroit, MI. Needless to say the show for us was a huge success. Our collection entitled "The Awakening" certainly lived up to the expectation. Owner/Designer Rocklin stole the show with his original footwear & apparel designs inspired by ancient Kemet. 
  With this being our second walk fashion event our collection was featured in, we knew we had to bring some new and exciting designs to the runway. This year we introduced 5 new designs from our summer/fall line. Two designs that certainly wowed our audience was our new Maat sneaker for the Goddesses and the Amun Ra sneakers for the Gods. To view the entire show click on the video below.
Negash Steps Above Average!



Negash United at Detroit United. 6

Yesterday at the Detroit United Club the Light of Unity Shined Bright when we went to meet with Kodjo lee, Mindful B and Info Keith the hosts of Readyyo Radio for an interview. When we first got there we got to watch Ron Green the CEO of Whats Up African? Apparel kick knowledge about his movement and  experiences coming from Philadelphia and spreading his message across the globe. After his interview he sat down with us and told us how he was enjoying his stay in Detroit and all the love and good energy he absorbed since being here. Follow his movement and check out the sweet apparel and accessories at

 Next we watched a interview with the enlighted group New Era Detroit as they talked about community empowerment and urban unity in Detroit by buying, building and investing in our communities. Follow this group of Enlighted ones on Instagram @NewEraDetroit

Our interview actually turned more into a discussion panel as we went from topics about what the brand Negash represented and the meaning of the logo to discussion on the Pineal Gland and the awakening of the Africans. We also discussed future goals of the company and how it feels to have the support of people from all over rocking with the brand and waiting to see what we do next.

 Negash and Host

The night ended with this powerful photo displaying the Power of Unity. 


To check out the interviews go to and follow them on Facebook.


What does HOTEP mean? 6

     Hotep to all. That would be the only proper way to start this blog post since the Kemetic(Egyptian) term Hotep is actually a phrase that is often used as a greeting or salutation . Hotep has no direct translation into the American English language but can be roughly translated to meaning peace, satisfied or at ease. 

Hotep also carries a spiritual connotation Granting Blessings of Divine Peace and the Creator's Favor. Many Pharaohs during ancient Egyptian times used Hotep in their names as they found themselves at peace and satisfied living their lives in Maat( I will discuss this in another blog). I first discovered the word Hotep while reading a book passed down to me by my Uncle titled "The Teachings of PtahHotep; The Oldest Book in the World". This book is probably one of the shortest books I have ever read as an adult but was filled with the most powerful quotes I have ever read also. These teachings of Ptahhotep did not only give me the knowledge of how to treat and deal with other people in all situations, but it gave me a full understanding of the word Hotep. This is when I became fully at peace within myself, contentful and satisfied with my life. The Negash Hotep boots were designed with the inspiration to continue spreading this peaceful energy known as Hotep around the world


Check out the link, pics and videos below for further references of Hotep and The teachings of PtahHotep............HOTEP!


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What is the Eye Of Heru/Horus? 1

Most people have no clue about the Eye of Heru/Horus or what it represents. Many times its associated with the Illuminati or devil worship which is totally false. The Eye of Horus is actually an Ancien/t Egyptian symbol of Protection, Royal Power and Health. Also known as the Wadjet or Third Eye this symbol was frequently used in jewelry made of gold, silver, wood, lapis, porcelain, and carnelian to provide wisdom and prosperity. It also ensured the safety and health of the bearer.
Interesting enough already the eye was also used in ancient Egyptian mathematics. For example the eye was used as a notation of measuring ingredients for medicine and pigments. The symbol was broken into 6 parts each representing a specific fraction and one of the 6 senses as pictured below.
The corresponding senses data are :-
1/64  Touch
1/32  Taste
1/16 Hearing
1/8 Thought
1/4 Sight
1/2 Smell
Last but far from least the Eye of Horus represents the Third Eye also known as the Pineal Gland which is a small endocrine gland in the vertebrate brain. It produces the serotonin derivative melatonin, a hormone that affects the modulation of wake/sleep patterns and seasonal functions. Its shape resembles a tiny pine cone (hence its name), and it is located near the center of the brain, between the two hemispheres, tucked in a groove where the two rounded thalamic bodies join as showed in the picture below.
Wear your symbol of Protection, Power and Health on your chest with this Fashionable "Eye of Horus" T-shirt from Negash Apparel and Footwear. This t-shirt is sure to turn heads so be prepared to inform and educate!

Negash The Brand 18

Meet the CEO of Negash Apparel and Footwear Rocklin Hotep Negash as he introduces Negash The brand in the video below from a Interview with Kaliph Moto Moto Young from the City of Detroit. This interview was held at the Famous Bucharest Grill best Known for their delicious Chicken Shawaramas on Park Avenue and Elizabeth St in Downtown Detroit, MI. Follow Rocklin on Instagram @_Rocklin_